Do you receive Marriott survey after your stay?

Discussion created by 50centakagansta on May 16, 2017

My major hotel royalty program is Marriott, I am Gold and I never receive those kind of " Tell us how you feel about your stay..." " how was your stay at...", thus I can not write a review and rating on Marriott's page and receive feedback from the hotel. You can only rating hotel at Marriott's page only when you finish online survey  after your stay. My Hilton gold is matched from Marriott, but they send me this and personally feedback almost everytime.


I asked Marriott Elite service team and they told me this is survey mail random generated , but my friend let me saw his cell phone, he always received one of those after a stay.


How is your experience? I use Gmail btw, maybe it's my email's system problem? However I have no problem receive promotion from Marriott...