Best Redemption Deal I've Gotten in Forever!

Discussion created by nationwide on May 14, 2017
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This morning, I wished my wife a Happy Mother's Day with a gift trip for her to go see all her friends back in Georgia where we lived for 15 years.  I made a semi-snarky joke that she gets a reunion trip, and I'll likely get a bottle of scotch for Father's Day.  To note, I would have been perfectly happy with that   However, she isn't to be outdone... she walks into the kitchen, picks up a folder and hands it to me.  I open it and realize she has bought weekend tickets for the US Open in June for my son and me.  She has already bought the plane tickets, and done all the research on nearby hotels.  What!?!  I just got seriously put in my place!


I went online and looked up available Marriott properties in nearby Milwaukee.  The best deal I could find was a $350 per night special event prepay at the Marriott Milwaukee West.  Ugh!  Ok, I am getting ready to click book, and decide at the last second to double-check to see if they happen to have any redemption stays available...  Lo and behold, I got the three night stay for 60,000 points!  Talk about your value per point!  Awesome!!!  This is already starting out to be a great trip!!!