Loyalty Programs Merge Late '18

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Editing to pull in information as we go.

05/08/17: Looking over today's call, here is a rough quote from Arne:


"In April we transitioned over 100 company operated Starwood Hotels in the U.S. to our above property shared service model for finance and accounting. We are on track to unify our financial reporting infrastructure in early 2018, and to realize a common technology platform for reservations and loyalty programs in late 2018. Drawing from both legacy Marriott and legacy Starwood staff, cross functional teams are coordinating meaningful change in virtually every aspect of our company's operation. This effort is enormous and we are seeing meaningful results today, and even more just over the horizon."


We may get almost another full year to hit one of the Lifetime levels before complete integration.


Also from the call as erc pointed out:


“Technology would be, probably, the thing that we are maybe most frustrated by the cost and time associated with it,” he added. “[We’re] maybe the most fearful about it, but also most convinced it will drive upside, longer term to the entire portfolio.”


06/05/17: An interesting interview with Sorensen on Forbes about brands and timing of integration:


Marriott CEO On Plans For Sheraton Hotels, SPG Members & Why 30 Brands Are Not Enough


06/09/17: Further messaging from Marriott CFO at Goldman Sachs conference also includes some credit card discussion:


Marriott Expects New Card And One Loyalty Program by 2018


06/07/17: Another find by erc, Sorenson interview with Skift discussing experiences, design, food/bev, tech, integration, and loyalty:




06/14/17: Interesting find by rlswider with commentary from Sorenson on AIRBNB, OTAs, and Lifestyle Brands:


Marriott: Why It's Expanding as It Fends Off Airbnb | Fortune.com


06/15/17: Decision on credit card programs expected to come this year:


A Decision on New Marriott/Starwood Card Coming This Year