Where Would You Use a 7 Night Marriott Rewards Travel Package Redemption?

Discussion created by pluto77 on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by franke

I'm always thinking about using Marriott Rewards Travel Package redemptions, because the points transfer from Marriott Rewards to airline FF programs is at a nice 1:1 ratio (except for package #2).  It's a great way to get some quick airline miles for that special international trip in business or first class.


The challenge I'm having, is finding a destination where I would actually like to spend an entire 7 nights.  The world is a big place, with much to explore... And life is short.  I find 5 nights to be the perfect amount of time to spend in one place, before it's "time to get a move on."  Marriott Rewards "redeem 4 nights, get the 5th night free" fits perfectly into this, my preferred scenario, but alas, is not offered (to non-Vacation Club owners) as a travel package.  The Marriott Rewards Travel Package then, while being a perfect option for picking up some needed airline miles for that special trip, can be a challenge for using the hotel award portion of the package, because of the requirement to use 7 continuous nights in one place.


I've thought about this, but only a little, and so far, the only place I've come up with is Vienna (where I've been before, but would love to return), only because I figure I could do (one or two, depending) day trip(s) to Bratislava.  But then, if I watch closely, I can get some sweet deals at the IRS Renaissance for barely over 100€/night (sometimes under!), so why would I want to waste hard earned MR points on such a cheap date?  Well, I suppose you could do Ghent, with day trips to Bruges or Brussels (but wouldn't it just be better to stay overnight?) or from Paris, you could do Versailles and Fontainbleau (already have done these two) or Giverny and Chartres (have not done these two).


So where in the world would you be perfectly happy, spending 7 nights in (one) Marriott hotel, and consider it a good ROI?  Can't wait to read you're ideas.