JW Marriott Minneapolis/Mall of America

Discussion created by clebert on May 5, 2017
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After an ok visit to the new JW Marriott Minneapolis/Mall of America last spring, I gave it another try.  When I first visited, it had only been open for a few months.  Now it's been open about 18 months.  Service was much, much better this time.  Last time, the hotel was beautiful, but the service was not very good, and the front desk at that time seemed disorganized and not very interested in doing its job.  This time around, the front desk and staff had really turned things around.  I even got upgraded to a fantastic executive suite on the top floor.  So, I'd say this hotel has reached its potential after a somewhat bumpy start.  I'm not a Mall of America fan, and even though this hotel is connected, it's a very calm and relaxing oasis away from the bustle of the Mall.  And the light rail takes you to the airport or downtown Minneapolis very easily, so that's a big plus.  Just keep in mind that this hotel is NOT in Minneapolis, despite the name.  It's a 30-40 train ride into the city.  The CL is beautiful and has great service as well.  I missed the afternoon appetizers but caught dessert and breakfast.  Dessert was excellent (key lime or chocolate tarts or mini fruit pies), and breakfast was the usual Marriott fare.