Tasha in Afton, WY

Discussion created by bejacob on May 5, 2017
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I wish to enter Tasha from the FFI in Afton, Wyoming for consideration of a Spirit to Serve award. Often, associates at smaller, out of the way locations are forgotten, but they provide the same outstanding service as their big city counterparts.


Upon check-in Tasha greeted me warmly, saying she had been expecting me (I used mobile check-in). I was assured that my room preferences had been granted and was handed a welcome gift bag with cookies and a bottle of water. She gave me an excellent introduction of the property features including when breakfast was available. She also offered several good options of nearby restaurants for dinner. In a small town like Afton, there aren't many choices, so it helps to know which place are good.


As I headed toward my room, Tasha rushed down the hall to stop me having noticed my Platinum status. She asked if I would prefer points or an item from the Marketplace as my Platinum Arrival Gift (PAG). This was in addition to the gift bag she gave me earlier. Most associates would have likely stopped me on my way out later that evening, but Tasha wanted to make sure I got my PAG, rather than risk forgetting. This may be a simple thing, but it's the kind of above and beyond service for which Marriott is known.


Big city or small town, Marriott has some of the best people in the industry. I hope very much Tasha is recognized as one of them.