Going Back to Aruba

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Some Insiders might remember I took an exceedingly short trip to Aruba in 2016.

24 Hours in Aruba - What Can I Do? (suggestions please)


Time to go back. Despite the fact my significant other and I will be spending the long July 4th weekend in NYC, she strongly hinted she needed to get back to a tropical beach. (Wait, didn't we just get back from Hawaii a couple months ago? ). Anyway, after getting the acceptable parameters, it came down to the Florida Keys, anywhere in the Caribbean, or Mexico. Checking airfares and hotel prices we quickly settled on Aruba.


This time the trip will be for longer than 24 hours. We'll be there for 4 days/3 nights, which I hope is long enough to satisfy the beach craving. If it crops up again in a few months, I might have to take out a second mortgage.


I'm looking forward to seeing more than last time. We'll be back at the Renaissance again which is running at half what I paid last February (that's too good a deal to pass up).


Like last time, suggestions are always welcome. I know nationwide visited not long ago, and other Insiders gave some great dining recommendations. iahflyr will be pleased to hear we'll be flying UA, at least on the way out. There schedule on the return is abysmal, so we're coming home on AA (and I can earn some AS miles ).


Short notice, as the trip is booked for the weekend after Memorial Day. Seems to me that's only two weeks after I get back from Arkansas. So far, 2017 is shaping up to be an even busier travel year than 2016. I couldn't resist digging out a few pictures from last time.

Aruba heart.jpg blue.jpg

Aruba sunset.jpg

Should be a fun trip.