Swindled by SPG

Discussion created by joeyo38 on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by brightlybob

My first attempt to cross the border between Marriott Rewards and SPG and I was cheated out of nights and points. I recently booked a hotel through a conference website. I had the option to go with a few Marriott's or a Starwood hotel. I made the wrong choice. Everyone that stayed at the Marriott hotels received nights and points. I, however, was told that Starwood does not give nights and points when booking a conference block. Has anyone else had this problem? Two different set of rules for Rewards and SPG. I spoke with the front desk, called the customer service line and sent two emails. They all say the same thing: Starwood won't honor points/nights for conference blocks, even though all the Marriott hotels did.