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Where should I take my adult children on vacation?

Question asked by jerseydoll on Apr 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by j&c

Hello!  I really want to take my adult children on a vacation around the holidays or in early 2018 to someplace tropical...I'm most likely looking at a 5 day get kids are 30 and 24 years old so not looking for amusements...what's most important is easy flights from the Philadelphia area, location and of course cost...I will be using points for the hotel but looking for advice on time of year, ideas on locations and experiences to help build memories with my kids...this may be the only time I can pull this off and want to make the most of it with the best possible value.  Ideally the location would be waterfront with the ability to take advantage of excursions...I am considering Cayman Islands as I was there once and really enjoyed it, although I was not able to work out any excursions.  Looking forward to hearing suggestions...thanks!