No More Bottled Water in Marriott M Lounges?

Discussion created by pluto77 on Apr 29, 2017
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The last 2 M Lounges I have stayed at were at a couple of the "Marriott Redesigned" hotels (SFO Airport Marriott and Irvine Marriott).  They have done away with bottled water.  Additionally, the same has been reported at the SF Marriott Marquis property.  They now have spigots of purified flat and sparkling water.  They provide glass "vessels" for the water.  The glass vessels are heavy and breakable and thus, not portable.  Additionally, the lids do not seal in the gas, so the sparkling water goes flat.  At Irvine Marriott, there are no glass vessels (ergo no vessels, other than plastic cups), because guests apparently find these glass "vessels" desireable to keep?  Glass bottles are difficult to clean, and therefore dubious in my book.  I'm sure Marriott will claim they are doing this in the interest of the environment.  I say it's a bunch of hooey.  I am as concerned about the environment as the next person.  Plastic bags and bottles are indeed worrisome, nonetheless, plastic water bottles are a fact of traveler life and a necessary convenience when traveling.  Like "The Envelope, Please" campaign and encouraging the reuse of towels, Marriott's true #1 concern is their bottom line, and any other benefit is secondary, so say I.  If they offered bottled water AND the spigots, I would drink the water in the bottles the first day, then continue to reuse them, filling up from the spigots for the remainder of the trip, and then finally recycling them, but I can't even do that.  I'll have to go to the store and - guess what, Marriott?  Buy plastic bottled water.  So all you've accomplished is fattening your profits at your customers expense and nothing more


This lack of bottled water in the lounges for Marriott's most loyal customers is another downgrade in elite benefits.


This is not traveling brilliantly, Marriott.