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Discussion created by jackvs1 on Apr 27, 2017

Remember the Innkeepers Law - Marriott Courtyard Long Beach CA


On April 4, 2016 between 6:50 AM - 4:55 PM my room (306) was burglarized. Personal & business property was taken from the room and a police report was taken. No one from the hotel followed up with me the next day and the Assistant Manager did not call me back, after I left a message. No one notified the GM until I called customer care. The police came back the next afternoon to get key card information to see who had access to the room but the head of housekeeping left early. Just wasn't a priority for Marriott. I asked about security cameras - none; security personnel - only on the midnight shift. One of the Marriott desk workers said the hotel is in a high crime area. The next day I get a email from NBC Universal that said they located some of my property but not the majority. The hotel files a report (which they would not give me) with Marriott claims. After several calls to the claims adjuster and Mr. Marriott's number the Long Beach Courtyard provided the key card data (two weeks later). The claims person says the key card reader is off by 24 minutes. So they have entry into my room at 7:55 AM, 3:09 PM, and 5:06 PM. So add 24 minutes to those times. The supervisor who was useless speculated their might be a 2 hour difference in the accuracy of the key card reader because I said I got back to the room around 5:00 PM. What is it, 24 minutes or 2 hours. She basically accused me of lying. I asked if the time card reader has been calibrated for accuracy, the answer is no, she said it was an old system.

On that day three of us came back to the hotel around 4:55 PM, however there are no records of that. That night after the police left, I watched the NCAA Championship, in the hotel lobby until its finish around 9:40 PM (PST) with my business companions. There is no entry of me returning to my room. Marriott is covering up, they do not want to hear the facts and we all know they do not adhere to protecting guests privacy & security Female guest being video taped). So I am out of pocket several thousand dollars, my time is not respected and they are solely relying on a Marriott Courtyard that has inadequate security, inaccurate key card monitoring and a claims office that does not want to hear the truth.

My claim was denied because I could not show unauthorized access to my room. The claims supervisor said I may have left the room open - I did not; the key card system is broke, antiquated and not calibrated - not sure how Marriott can confidently say who entered the room, one person said key card system is off by 24 minutes while a second one said it was off by 2 hours; I have verification (can get sworn statements) that I was gone from the room between 7:00 AM & 5:00 PM (approx); no statements from maid or front desk clerk were provided; and there is the Innkeeper Law which basically states that MARRIOTT COURTYARD LONG BEACH is not responsible for BURGLARY of room unless placed in hotels custody for safekeeping. Apparently Marriott feels their rooms are unsafe and not secured. The claims supervisor's, supervisor started off the conversation by saying, what information do I have that's new and the checkbook (Marriott's) is closed. He would not provide or even discuss what the key cards indicated. Very unprofessional! I can draw two conclusions: Marriott is covering up their privacy/security weaknesses and the claims staff display non-commitment and incompetency.

The hotel gave me 50,000 points and after talking to another supervisor they gave me $250. Terrible Terrible customer service. They should have given me a vacation for the grief I went through and the time I spent replacing items.

BTW, great respect displayed to a Platinum elite member.