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If Marriott wanted to utterly destroy Insiders, could they have made a better job than this?

Question asked by brightlybob on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by erc

I think the title is self explanatory - So let's pore through the excerement that now represents the Marriott Rewards Insiders site. Because I'll be clear here, Marriott has dropped a pile on us all of elephantine proportions




1. Instead of all the latest contributions on one front page it's now hidden in 2 separate places, neither of which are on the home page. Who thought that was a good idea?




2. Signing is subject to the lap of the gods - yes the old site could require you to click on signin, be directed to, signin to your account, click on community, be redirected to the site and then click on signin again - laborious, but at least you'd get there via an established (albeit moronic) procedure. This now takes the same moronic procedure and adds a game of craps to the process, will you get stuck in a never ending wait to get to Or perhaps when you click in community and are directed to THE WRONG SITE and hence forwarded, thereby introdipucing another opportunity to get stuck in a never ending loop? And if all that goes well then it's another throw of the dice as to whether you'll be signed in and need to refresh, with the commensurate chance it'll blow you out again. It took me over 10 mins to sign in today. Signing in here is an ordeal.





3. Now click on one of the 2 new "big boards" - Hope you're interested in who likes what and precisely when as likes and helpfuls are given equal priority on the split Big board as contributions - not that you can easily see them, instead acres of screen space is wasted rehashing half the original starting post, really what use is seeing the original come one come all post from Aviation Geeks Unite


And then there's the effect this site has on iPad keyboards making it impossible aft






What do you know? -QED - my iPad keypad firstly stopped me accessing the numbers keyboard and then froze me out alttogether so what is above is all I was able to type before I was frozen out - those who now me may wonder why I've not been commenting and why my replies have been short - well that's because I access  internet solely from my iPad and posts of any length ALWAYS result in keyboard freeze, so better to say nothing or be brief than risk keyboeard freeze AND a chance of ending up SIGNED OUT with the night,are of having to wrestle with the site to re-sign in again.


AND FROZEN OUT AGAIN - Really... this has taken almost an hour to get this far....


Sorry, guys but I'm done - This site is unusable to me, can't see what's going on, can't sign in, can't post anything detailed - A pile of total    And heres another big one for good luck, before I'm frozen out - yet again