Credit for stays not posting

Discussion created by grimlock on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2018 by dctrvlr

Anyone else seeming to have more of their stays not credited to their account without contacting Marriott for the missing credit?  It used to only happen to me every now and then but lately it seems like I have to fight for my nights stayed credit and my points for half of my stays.


I was at Harbour Lake in Orlando during the mega bonus but it hasn't posted yet.  I hope, assuming I ever get the credit for it, that I still get the double points for the mega bonus promotion.


I also think it is absolutely ridiculous that I have to send in a copy of the receipt to get the credit in this day and age.  I booked it through Marriott and paid with a credit card, how do they not have a record of it in their system?  Maybe I should start disputing the charges on the credit card?  Make the hotel prove to the bank that I was there since the hotel can't seem to be certain.  Okay, I'm not really serious about that idea but you see my point.