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Prairie Dogs

With the initial appearances of Insider vets pingreeman, tryt53, shashack, and arkwright it got me thinking, who else haven't we heard from since the implementation of the New Insiders? Here are some that I haven't seen yet (doesn't mean they aren't there - I've missed a boatload of interaction, no doubt)


superchief1        shoeman1000   stelzer001  @californian  @techie (can't tag either one)

kharada46           jerrycoin            eb5147   gm1 (a Tipple player) jm1991


Any others folks you can think of?


And to get more bang for the Original Post buck - here's some reading material;


Arne getting concerned about travel policies (between this and their airbnb concerns, I say good, keep 'em nervous )


Fascinating concept - possible worthwhile uses, but also a margin enhancer, which could make 'em cocky

You Can Now Rent Luxury Hotel Rooms By The Minute | Frugal Travel Guy


And here's a little tidbit from FlyerTalk - holy cow, who knew - aggressive rates and still fighting us for points!

I recently stayed at a Ritz Carlton hotel. I understand that I do not get Marriott points for anything other than the 'room' element.


When my points for the stay posted (much quicker than with SPG, I might add!), I noticed the points I was awarded were significantly lower than what I expected.


On querying with the hotel, I was informed that my rate included breakfast for two and the hotel had therefore deducted USD $60 off the daily rate and only the remainder was what it used to calculate the 'room' rate for points purposes.


Next I'll post Granny's recipes for Shoo fly, Shepherd's, and Boston Cream Pie (best when you don't combine them)


ps- like painedplatinum's Anthony Rizzo last night, I 'tagged' them all (just to see what's what)

I'm seeking Global Reach and Worldwide Impact

and of course, Positive Sentiment (ha ha ha)