Lounge Review: Kansas City Marriott, Overland Park

Discussion created by nmballoonist on Apr 26, 2017

Where are you, non-Bob? Marriott Overland Park, KS. South side of town, just outside I-435.


And what's the lounge like? Average size, nicely appointed, one TV at one end of the lounge. Assortment of table sizes. On the top floor(11th) and both the floor and lounge required a keycard.  Was never crowded either morning or evenings when I was there. Both the morning staff and evening staff were friendly and kept everything running smoothly. 3/5


Hows the evening food? Very good. Definitely better than most lounges.  Main dishes include a creamy chicken casserol, cachew chicken, chicken parmesan, mac&cheese with beef.  Sides to go with them and small salads, plus the typical raw veggies and cheese/crackers.  4/5


Any free alcohol? Nope, but reasonable prices on liquor, wine and beer.  Nice selection of Boulevard beer, a local brewery, plus other beers.


Whats the hours? 6:30 AM - 10 PM Monday thru Thursday, 6:30 AM - Noon Friday, 5:00 PM - 10 PM Sunday.


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? Yes, see above. However I was able to go in at 3 PM Sunday and pick up a couple of waters.


How about Gold/Plat breakfast? Breakfast in the lounge weekdays, not sure what's done on Saturday or Sunday since I wasn't there. Breakfast was nothing exciting compared to their above average evening fair. During breakfast had the typical Starbuck's urn, but had a Kuerig for decaf and both types for non-breakfast hours.


Upgrades? Yes, top floor on CL floor. Could be considered a view room if there was something to see ( I grew up in KC so I'm not dissing the area) other than trees and flat land. No suite, but I think there are only a couple in the entire hotel. Caters to business travels.




Other comments: The staff was very friendly and helpful. Always someone out in front of check in desks both mornings and evenings greeeting guests.


3.5/5 overall


Will do some editing with more info later