Orlando Marriott Royal Palms - Info?

Discussion created by benbuck6 on Apr 26, 2017

So we were headed to Disney for a week in July. Schedules got changed and I have to move it to the end of May. I had taken advantage of Disney Promos on the July trip and had gotten a deal staying all 7 nights on Disney property. I tried to rebook the same nights and features for May and the price jumped $2500. I just cant bring myself to pay the extra.

So, I used points and booked Orlando Royal Palms for 2 nights. Staying on Disney Property for 5 nights and ended up saving some money from original July quote.

I know nothing about Royal Palms. This will be my kids 10th trip to Disney and the routine is the same every time. We leave after I get off work on Friday. Drive about 4 hours and meet a friend for supper. Then drive all night and arrive at a Disney resort about 8am. Then we eat breakfast with characters somewhere and immediately hit the parks. By lunch, I am a walking zombie because I drive every mile.

We are following same schedule. Leave Friday after work, drive all night, get to Orlando in the morning. This time though...nothing scheduled when we arrive. I'm looking forward to maybe laying out by the pool until check in. Is the pool nice? I have two nights at Royal Palms...any ideas, suggestions, or impressions?