JW Marriott @ LA live lounge review

Discussion created by jabarfoo on Apr 26, 2017
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Stayed a 5 nights at JW Marriott in downtown LA at LA love a couple weeks ago.  Went to lounge every AM and PM.  Could not have been more disappointed every day.  I hate to complain about free stuff.  But this Marriott is a very high profile location and should be a flagship for other properties. I have to say that not only was it lacking, it was a complete embarrassment.  The first day I went in PM.  Sparse items and half of it not stocked and was never stocked in my 30min I was there.  I was there around 5:30p so not the end of the service by any means.  I blew it off to bad timing and left.  The next AM I went for some breakfast.  Either the eggs were powdered eggs or just not cooked right. Extremely watery and bland tasting.  Other items were also sparse and not well stocked or refilled during my stay that AM.  Frustrated and a bit shocked I went again in PM around same time.  None of the food areas had anything.  Completely empty.  Service people were there picking up dishes or glasses but never re-stocked anything.  I asked if there were and got a shoulder shrug.  I asked about a dessert service later and was told no.(later found out not true).

One more day attempt and again hardly any food stocked even the water cooler was empty and was not re-stocked.


I had stayed at a Marriott in Dayton Ohio just the week before and that lounge blew this one away with plenty of nice options and real eggs cooked properly.  How does a Dayton Marriott blow away a JW Marriott in LA?  Just imagine how many high end guests come and go there and are left with a bad impression of that hotel and JW in general without saying anything.  Mgmt should really take a hard look at that lounge and fix everything that is broken with it and soon.  My next visit to LA in a month I will be looking at other property options as I count on at least a decent selection in the lounge during my stays.