How many states have you visited?

Discussion created by razorbackfan on Apr 25, 2017
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In a recent USA SNAPSHOTS by USA TODAY, Motel 6 did a travel study of 1,047 adults and found that 48% of those Americans surveyed have been to 10 states or less in their lifetime.


I have been to 47 states.  The only states I have not been to are: North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.  We want to visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and hope to follow the Razorbacks to the next College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska that they get to go to.


How many states have you been to?  What states are you missing? Is there a certain site you want to see or an event you want to attend in a state you are missing?


P.S. I vaguely remember a discussion about a similar topic, but was unable to find it with the search function.