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Buy Room Upgrades with Reward Points

Question asked by lvsne01 on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by rickyzackybobby

I want to be able to use points to get a better room than the standard room option that is offered.  A few months ago, I called a Delta hotel directly and spoke with a manager who gave me the next level room for more points per night.  I wish I always had this option offered online.  So I am in need to a better room again for my next stay but at a different Delta hotel, same chain.  I spoke with their in-house reservations and they said they are not able to offer a better room for more points.  I explained I was able to do this in the past but at a different location.  I was told their hotel chain was not necessarily corporate run and some where franchised, and some were not.  She could only offer me an upgraded room at check-in if available. 


So my question is why doesn't Marriott just offer additional room options at different point rates so we can book a better room online?  I can't risk waiting for an upgrade at check in.  This would be a great perk for Platinum Elite members, which I am. 


Has anyone else found another way around this?  Should I call back and ask for the manager in this case?  I'm guessing if the hotel reservation desk can't take my request, the manager will not offer anything either.