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Today out of the blue I got a package from Hilton ( specially the Hilton All Suites Marketing Team which is similar to Marriotts M Crew). Inside I received these things:


A dog bowl, treats, and a waste disposal thing that fits on a leash.



A nice note


And a free night at Home2 Suites certificate.


So the question is why? Being a Hilton LT Diamond helps I bet, but being a unabashed Hilton fan on Twitter probably was the reason. Not having a pet, anyone want the pet stuff? I'm keeping the free stay certificate.


Now, its a Marriott site, so recently I received this from Marriott ( already posted on this site elsewhere).


So the question is why? The jury is still out on this one. I believe it's a door prize for going to a RI Grand Opening.


So the question is, what swag has everyone received from Marriott, be it from stays or otherwise?