Platinum Status - doesn't seem to carry the same Kudos?

Discussion created by huffy69 on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by ne_traveling_man

I've been a holder of the Platinum status for a good number of years now and was wondering whether anyone else shares the same experience as me? In years gone by it seemed to count for something, you'd get a nice welcome upon check in and in a way it made you feel that your loyalty mattered. But I don't get that feeling or experience anymore, in most cases I dont even get offered the gift on arrival, I have to ask. Could it be that these days they appear to give away platinum status for fun. I know of many who don't reach their renewal target but still get Platinum status for the following year. Could it be that now for lifetime Platinum you now only need 750 nights rather than when I achieved Lifetime it was a real achievement of 1000 nights and you stood out from the crowd. I do feel that flooding the rewards programme with Platinum status's appears to have de-valued the whole concept ...maybe its real time for a change or for Marriott to consider the most loyal of loyal a bit more.