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Has Anyone Done an IcelandAir Stopover?

Question asked by droma on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2017 by ssindc

We like to try to hit a couple of cities if we're taking a big vacation (full week off work or more).  Was curious if anyone has done a stopover through IcelandAir?  I know the airline will have the bare minimums, but flying from Boston to Reykjavick, stay 3 nights, fly on to Amsterdam, stay 5 nights, and then back to Boston is only around $800 pp.  This would also get us to on city we've been dying to experience and the other where we planned on taking our summer trip.  It also breaks up the flying quite nicely actually, leaving late from Boston and getting into Iceland first thing AM, adjusting for a few days then a 3 hour morning flight to Amsterdam.


Would love to here anyone's experiences with the stopover.