Renaissance Charlotte Suites

Discussion created by pey on Apr 20, 2017
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Two weekends back we had a nice stay at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites. Our mission was NASCAR race and stuff to the north and eventually the Masters in Augusta which was two hours to the south. The hotel was great, here are a few things that I liked:


  • In addition to the 10 dollar welcome voucher for plats, we actually got an arrival gift (actually two). you had to go to the lounge to get it but it was nice to get something concrete.
  • We got breakfast vouchers for the entire stay even though the lounge was open for 3 of the 5 nights we were there.
  • They would shuttle you anywhere within reason. That was good because even though we had a car, there was four of us and we did not all have the same choices of places to go.
  • Staff were amazing, i did not encounter one staff member who did not greet me and ask how the visit was going.
  • included breakfast was good.
  • The lounge was nice, not huge but never crowded. each night there was a fairly substantial item such as crab cakes, meatballs, chicken. Booze was available and a bit cheaper than downstairs in the bar, but the pour portion was extremely generous. The attendant was excellent. Breakfast offerings were normal, but we had vouchers so went down  to the main dining room.
  • There was a huge religious conference going on in the hotel, we thought that that may be a problem (dining room and other services) but it was really well managed and did not have any impact. The bar was empty because most of the patrons were abstainers so i did not have to fight to get my choice of sports on the screen.

i was a bit worried about the drive down to Augusta, but that was a piece of cake, Augusta National has to be the most efficient sporting event that i have ever been to. Parking was easy, concessions were amazingly well organized.


Overall a great trip and nice stay