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How do I escalate a complaint?

Question asked by jfc18 on Apr 19, 2017
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On March 28-30th I stayed in at the Atlanta Buckhead Marriott and Conference Center. Following my stay I realized I left my brand new sport coat in my room but was out of the country for a week and couldn't call right away. I did call immediately when I returned a week later to find out if the hotel found my sport coat. When I called the front desk attendant was rude and acted like I was bothering her. I simply asked her to check the room I was staying in or have someone else check it and she told me she was too busy and to call the next day. Long story short I called the next day and had more of the same until I eventually made it to the lost and found supervisor who was helpful but was looking for my coat in the wrong room. Both the front desk attendant and the lost and found attendant had been looking in the wrong room. They then filed a claim with the insurance company. When the insurance company called me the representative acted as if I was lying which is rediculous and unacceptable. 2 days later the insurance company called and told me that Marriott wasn't going to do anything about my coat. I then called customer service several days later to complain and seek help. When I explained what had happened the customer service rep told me that there was nothing that could be done and put me on hold for his supervisor for 37 minutes exactly before I hung up. Of course very frustrating for someone who has stay in in a Marriott hotel for almost 600 nights over the last couple years and has been a very loyal customer. Not only do I stay at Marriott properties but I also encourage my employees to do the same. Needless to say I'm extremely frustrated and disappointed in the way this has been handled. At this point if I'm unsuccessful in getting this resolved I will never stay at a Marriott property again and will no longer allow my organization to stay at a Marriott property. It's an easy business decision for someone who understands simple math. Take care of a loyal customer who spends a lot of money with you or lose the business over poor customer service and $450 dollar sport coat.