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New Marriott Fiji Momi : details when staying on a reward

Question asked by jurgenlison on Apr 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by communitymanagers

Looking for someone to share some brand new experiences from this new hotel opening (open?) this month... I know it is a stretch, but someone needs to be the first one to stay there and let us know... This looks like a great place to plan a unique vacation, using some of the pent up points...


The new Momi Marriott hotel is listed as a category 8 - requiring 40K miles per night. That's understood. However, I'd like to understand the additional charges, if any, when booking this hotel as a Platinum member with points... specifically:


[1] Breakfast... is continental breakfast offered (staying with 2 adults, and one 6 year old) as in domestic Marriott hotels, or is this considered a resort and as such which charges do I face for a family of 3 per breakfast ?

[2] Kids club... What is the fee, if any, for the kids Turtles club (per day, per stay, ...) ? In some room rates / packages the club is explicitly stated as included, so I assume there is a charge when staying on a "regular" room rate - but what is the fee when staying on a reward ?

[3] Any taxes / resort fees / mandatory fees which need to be paid when staying with 2+1 kid using rewards nights ?


There is a "family" room package which boosts included breakfast, kids club and kids meals - so I'm just trying to determine if using my rewards (and a lot of them) I will basically still spend half of the room rate on these charges (breakfast, kids club, kids meals, resort fees/taxes) or if the 40K rewards points will cover this...


Thank you for your inputs !