Lounge Review: JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Apr 16, 2017

Contributed by caohnso50


Where are you, non-Bob? ....................................JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro


And what's the lounge like? Very nicely done.  Two stories of windows overlooking Copacana beach.  Counter against the windows with comfortable seating to enjoy the views.  Pleanty of seating, a couple TVs, games, magazines, etc.


Hows the evening food? Good food.  Snacks all day.  Warm food during meal times.  Great grab-n-go area with bottles of water, snack, espresso machine.


Any free alcohol? Yes. Plenty of cold Brazilian beers, and wines of course


Whats the hours? Grab and go is 24/7 with room key access.  I believe the lounge is open 6 am - 10 pm


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? Nope, I accessed this every day of the week and boy did it save me on my meal and drink spending.  I never even bought water, had all the bottles I could drink or take to the beach.


How about Gold/Plat breakfast? No, the lounge took the place of breakfast.  We did however try the buffet once.  The hostess was confused why we didn't stay in the lounge, and thought we were confused.  They comped our meal.  Even though we tried to explain we just wanted something different.


Upgrades? Yes, upgraded to ocean front room.  Too bad there are no balconies.  Not many places do on Copacabana beach.  Rooms on the sides of the property have balconies over and interior, enclosed atrium.  The view of the beach was nice.



SO... I'm sat in the Exec lounge at JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro and its Fabulous.  I would highly recommend it, probably the best lounge/benefits I have received at any property.  The only downside is, it can get a bit warm when the sun is pounding through those giant window.