Lounge Review: London Marriott Regents Park

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Apr 16, 2017

Contributed by brightlybob


Where are you, Bob?....... London Marriott Regents Park


And what's the lounge like?  This is a small lounge for the size of the hotel which is surprisingly big, and newly refurbished into I think Britains first "M" lounge. And here's something new, piped popular music, not "muzak". Made for a very nice place to be.




Hows the evening food? Excellent! Hot was Chicken Pakora and Veg Biriyani, cold was continental meats and salad. Desserts were very tasty Tiramasu and strawberry mousse. Cheeseboard, pickles and grapes. All regularly replenished. There was enough to make a meal of it here and that's exactly what I did. Delicious!


Any free alcohol? Yes, red and white wine, and - first time I've seen this at an exec lounge - help yourself draft beer! Dont mind if I do, HIC!




What are the hours? Open 24/7. Breakfast 06:00-10:00, Afternoon Tea 14:00-16:00, Evening food and beer/wine 17:00-21:00


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? No, its open 7 days a week, nice people!


How about Gold/Plat breakfast?  Good variety of hot and cold like a mini restaurant breakfast, except that at this hotel the restaurant is sub-contracted out and apparently the restaurant breakfast here is pretty spectacular! I'm afraid Im a skinflint, so all I can do is comment on the Lounge breakfast which was like a mini version of a standard Marriott restaurant.


Upgrades? No, but they're refurbishing and closing down floors, so that restricting inventory.


Late Checkout? Yes, no problem!


Comments... Although an older Marriott it's been well maintained and my clearly unrefurbished room was perfectly comfortable. The M lounge concept here in the EU will hopefully will translate into help yourself draft beer, which would be great. The lounge itself is an interior one, but well lit and to in reality the scenery here is very suburban since it's not at Regents Park but the wholly less salubrious Swiss Cottage. But for a cheaper London Marriott this lounge really hits the spot. With easy access to the Jubilee line, and once the rooms are refurbed I might even make this my London base. Yes, it's that good!!


SO... I'm the lounge at the London Regents Park Marriott and it's Fabulous (5/5)