Lounge Review: Newcastle Gosforth Marriott

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Where are you, Bob...... Newcastle Gosforth Marriott


And what's the lounge like?  This is a small lounge for the size of the hotel which is surprisingly big, but as we will soon discover, pointless!


Hows the evening food? There wasn't any. Yes, none at all. You see this hotel doesn't do any service in the lounge at all, so it's just a resting place for bottles of water, soda and a coffee machine


Any free alcohol? Not a drop. No service here!


What are the hours? Open after breakfast is completed every day. But why?


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? Yes. No, its key accessible at weekends but there's nothing there - utterly pointless lounge


How about Gold/Plat breakfast?  The lounge opens out in the morning to become a part of the restaurant so it's full breakfast in the restaurant, no complaints there!


Upgrades? No


Late Checkout? No


Comments... Although an older Marriott it's been well maintained and staff are all friendly. I was really looking forward to this stay as I've been here in the past and this used to have one of the best lounges with good food and long alcohol hours. Now it has to be the worstnlounge in the world, because it offers nothing, no service ever. Marriott, this lounge marks a new low. It's utterly pointless, a lounge with no service, really? Have I stayed at Marriott's for 75 nights this year for such a pathetic lounge, really? Surely this can't be brand standards. Fellow MRI's - Dont bother with this lounge


SO... I'm the lounge at the Newcastle Gosforth Marriott and it's Pointless (0/5) Thats a special grade I've invented just for this pathetic lounge