Lounge Review: Budapest Marriott

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Where are you, Bob?..... Budapest Marriott


And what's the lounge like?  This is one of the biggest lounges in Marriott-Dom, on the 9th floor overlooking the Danube. It was busy all 3 nights of my stay. An added attraction to is the very large terrace which adds about 50% extra to the lounge square footage during warmer evenings.


Hows the evening food? It was very good, 2 warm options, cheeses, crackers, pickles, breads, and a beautiful selection of cakes. Thursday night everything was replenished quickly but Friday and Saturday night only slowly and during the final hour the pickings were slim indeed. Plenty of choice for early arrivals, though!





Any free alcohol? It's nice to leave behind the parsimoniousness (is that even a word?) of American lounges for free help-yourself beer and wine 17:30-21:30, and, for the first time in my experience free self-pour spirits, local brand Vodka and Gin, Jim Beam whiskey, Bacardi and Martini. Help yourself... don't mind if I do, hic!


What are the hours? Open 24 hours, service 06:00-21:30


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? No, open 7 days per week


How about Gold/Plat breakfast?  Typical Marriott lounge breakfast is on offer here, or you can have full breakfast in the restaurant if you prefer.


Upgrades? Yes, to a higher floor. This hotel is designed so all rooms face the Danube but there's little difference in room sizes ano very few suites, so not much to upgrade too. Beautiful view of the Danube but otherwise standard Marriott King room.


Late Checkout? Yes, offered at checkin to 4pm, gratefully used!


Comments... There is a standing joke in Budapest, if you want a beautiful view of the Danube stay at the Marriott because you then won't have the poured concrete monstrosity that is the Marriott in your view! And its true. All rooms, the exec lounge, restaurant and bar all face the Danube. An older property it's been well maintained and staff are all friendly. I was very much looking forward to this lounge as many others on Flyertalk have rated it the best in the World. Well, it wasnt that! Its food, seating and drinks hours are all roundly beaten by the truly best in the world (so far) London Renaissance St Pancras but it does challenge the runner up pack at the Moscow Aurora and London Kensington both of which have better food but no view, the Renaissance Heathrow which also has better food but a runway view, the Paris Rive Gauche, Brussels and Warsaw who also have (only just) better food but nondescript city views. But if Budapest had kept the food replenished each night of my stay and if I was a spirits drinker staying in the summer and hence able to sit outside on the terrace overlooking the Danube, well then it might be better even than the St Pancras Renaissance. To me, that view and the terrace means a lot!


SO... I'm the lounge at the Budapest Marriott and it's Fabulous (5/5)