Lounge Review: Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Apr 16, 2017

Contributed by clebert


Where are you, non-Bob...Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel


And what's the lounge like?  It's on the 2nd floor balcony that wraps around the lobby.  This hotel is a converted bank building and has very interesting architectural elements.  The CL is walled off by some glass doors/walls to the rest of the 2nd floor, and the balcony is open to the lobby so a unique design.  It had a separate CL-accessible office/business center (centre for you, Bob) that was very nice and had a desk, printer, etc.   


How's the evening food?  I didn't make it for evening food or desserts so I can't comment on this.


Any free alcohol? No.


What are the hours? Breakfast 7 days a week, and evening food/dessert Sun. through Thurs.  Open off ours by key access for bottled water, snacks, and sodas.


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends?  Open for breakfast and key access for snacks, but no evening offerings on Fri. or Sat.


What about Gold/Plat breakfast?  Typical Marriott lounge breakfast is in offer here with the usual fare and a good selection of pastries.


Upgrades? No, but the hotel was full to capacity because the NFL kickoff game and Super Bowl rematch was happening in Denver the night I was there.


Late Checkout? Yes, I asked for and received an early check in and late check out, even though the hotel was booked solid.  I initially called them and asked for an early check in, and they said the hotel was booked solid and they were not able to help, but then they asked my name and when they saw I was platinum elite, they changed and said it was no problem and they'd get me an early check in and sorry for any inconvenience - they just realized I was platinum and of course they'd do whatever it takes, etc. 


Comments... this is a beautiful new hotel and a welcome addition to downtown Denver.  Highly recommend.  My room was a bit small, but as a solo business traveler it was no problem.  Great CL and hotel in a convenient location.


SO... I'm the lounge at the Denver Renaissance City Center and it's Great (4/5)  - I missed evening fare so can't give a 5 although maybe it deserves one.