Lounge Review: Houston Marriott North

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Apr 16, 2017

Contributed by brightlybob


Where are you, Bob...... Houston Marriott North


And what's the lounge like?  This is a small lounge for the size of the hotel which is surprisingly big. When all rooms are sold I'd imagine this could become overcrowded though it wasn't during my stay


Hows the evening food? It was OK, the only warm dish of cheesy bacon was replaced with chicken goujons when it ran out, 2 cheeses and ordinary crackers, all followed with 2 choices of dessert. I've seen worse.


Any free alcohol? Not a drop. There is an honesty bar at full bar prices


What are the hours? Open Mon-Thurs 17:00-22:00 and breakfast Monday to Friday 06:00-10:00.


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? Yes. But it remains key accessible


How about Gold/Plat breakfast?  Typical Marriott lounge breakfast is in offer here, weekends gives restaurant breakfast and that cant be beat.


Upgrades? Yes, to a room on the concierge floor, difficult to expect a suite upgrade on a $59 rate!


Late Checkout? Yes, offered at checkin to 4pm, though I didn't need that long


Comments... Although an older Marriott it's been well maintained and staff are all friendly. The lounge has plenty of different types of tables and space when I was there. Evening food was ok, breakfast slightly better so it manages to stay in the middle of the road


SO... I'm the lounge at the Houston Marriott North and it's Good (3/5)