Lounge Review: The Hotel Minneapolis

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Apr 16, 2017

Contributed by clebert


Where are you, non-Bob......The Hotel Minneapolis, downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota (Autograph Collection)


And what's the lounge like?  This is one of the more spacious, nicer CLs I've visited.  And since Autograph Collection properties don't often have a CL, it is extra special. Nice big windows, and a very modern space on the top floor.  This is a fairly new hotel, and it's quirky and stylish.  I prefer this hotel and this CL to the Marriott City Center down the street in Minneapolis where I also sometimes stay.  The Ren at the Depot, also in downtown Minneapolis, has a great vide and fantastic CL, too.  But this is my favorite CL and hotel in Minneapolis.  The JW is out at Mall of America and a beautiful property but most of my business is in downtown Minneapolis, so the JW is not the best locaiton.


Hows the evening food? It has always been quite good. This time there was a nice, fresh green salad, garlic bread, and a pasta dish that was very hearty.  No need to eat anything more for an evening meal.


Any free alcohol? Not a drop. There is an honesty bar.


What are the hours? Open Mon-Thurs Breakfast, snacks, evening appetizers, then dessert, Friday breakfast, Sun. evening reopens for evening food and dessert.


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? Yes, but they give breakfast vouchers for Restaurant Max on the lobby level, and breakfast there is very good.


How about Gold/Plat breakfast?  Typical Marriott fare, and a very good selection of items.


Upgrades? I always get a nice room on a quiet floor at the very end of the hall away from the crowds which is better to me than a big suite.  I travel for work and don't enjoy being at Party Grand Central, and this hotel knows that and always places me accordingly.  This time I got a nice suite, but that's what I booked so not really an upgrade.


Late Checkout? Yes, I requested it when I checked in using the App on my phone, then verified with the front desk, and they were 100% ok with my late checkout (I requested 2:30pm). 


Comments...Downtown Minneapolis has 2 RIs, a CY, a Marriott, a Ren, this property (Autograph Collection) and a TPS.  I have stayed at all of them except the CY and TPS.  This is my favorite.  It's excellent for business travelers and is quiet and has a sophisticate, elegant vibe.  They know me and take great care of me.  The only downside is no onsite parking.  But you can self-park in a nearby ramp or use valet.  I typically fly and take the light rail.  There is a station very close to the hotel.  It works great.


SO... I'm the CL at Hotel Minneapolis is Great (4/5)