Lounge Review: San Antonio Marriott Plaza

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Apr 16, 2017

Contributed by brightlybob


Where are you, Bob?......................................................San Antonio Marriott Plaza


And what's the lounge like? Pretty small really, but well set out with both high seats and comfy lower chairs.... and a balcony for those with a penchant for the SanAn humidity - plus, for one night only, a gurning bejacob




Hows the evening food? Very good indeed, in fact one of the best I've come across with genuine huge buffalo wings and chicken balls replaced when consumed by Jumbo shrimp and sliders. The wide range of hot and cold dishes are replaced and rotated regularly. The choice here is good enough to make a dinner from.




Any free alcohol? Not a drop. There is an honesty bar offering bottles at standard bar prices.


Whats the hours? Open Mon-Fri Breakfast 6:30-10:00. Evening food 17:30-22:00 Sunday to Thursday




And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? I'm afraid so, although it is key accessible for water and soft drinks.


How about Gold/Plat breakfast? Very strong breakfast offering with hot scrambled eggs, potatoes sausages and bacon, breads, danish pastry's, spreads, fruits and cereals  A good choice here


Upgrades? No, but this was bejacob room on our County Collecting trip and he got his upgrade yesterday at the RI Harlingen, so had used up his quota so was a Double-Double and they are difficult to upgrade.


Late Checkout? None offered, but not needed when bejacobs around!


Comments... The breakfast offering is very strong, as is the evening. The weekend closure is disappointing as is the no-free-beer policy but that is the way in the USA. It's seating is well thought out and the food area large enough for what's on offer. The whole lounge is well thought out but the weekend evening closure and no free beer/wine means it just can't quite compete with the best internationals...


SO... I'm sat in the Exec lounge at the San Antonio Marriott Plaza and its Great (4/5)