Lounge Review: JW Marriott Houston Downtown

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Apr 16, 2017

Contributed by brightlybob


Where are you, Bob?......................................................JW Marriott Houston Downtown


And what's the lounge like? This Huge, really huge, biggest Marriott lounge I've been in. High tables and chairs, squishy leather sofas, even a boardroom. Loads of windows, a genuinely nice space.






Hows the evening food? Pretty dang good. BBQ Sliders, Quesadilla's, guacamole, cheeses, crackers and desserts. Very attentive staff keep it well stocked.


Any free alcohol? Not a drop. There is an honesty bar offering bottles at $1 less than the bar downstairs.


Whats the hours? Open Mon-Thurs Breakfast 6:00-9:30 Friday breakfast 6:00-9:30 Sat & Sun 7:00-10:30. Evening food 17:00-20:00 Sunday to Thursday


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? Only closed for evening on Friday and Saturday and have extended breakfast hours on Saturday and Sunday


How about Gold/Plat breakfast? Very strong breakfast offering with hot scrambled eggs, potatoes sausages and bacon, breads, danish pastry's, spreads, fruits and cereals  A good choice here


Upgrades? Yes, larger room to one-bed suite, beautiful room.


Late Checkout? None offered, but I didn't need it


Comments... The breakfast offering is very strong, as is the evening. The weekend closure is disappointing as is the no-free-beer policy but that is the way in the USA. It's seating is well thought out and the food area large enough for what's on offer. The whole lounge is well thought out and the staff are seriously attentive keeping glasses topped up and offering alternatives. However the weekend evening closure and no free beer/wine means it just can't quite compete with the best internationals...


SO... I'm sat in the Exec lounge at the JW Marriott Downtown and its Great (4/5)