Lounge Review: JW Marriott Marquis Miami

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Where were you last month, Miss G?  Why, I was at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami.  Thanks for asking.


What was it like?  It was fabulous.  The offerings were on par with the Ritz-Carlton Club Lounges.  Small, plentiful, and delicious plates of multiple varieties of yum.  With the exception of Friday night, which I can only describe as "beans and wieners night."


Did you have to pay for your drinks?  Yes I did.  This was not the Ritz-Carlton.


How was the lounge?  The lounge was lovely.  Large, well kept, well organized, and clean.  Very clean; very upscale.  If I didn't know I was in a JW I would have thought I was in an RC.  The attendants were helpful, friendly, and always professional and courteous.


I rate this lounge 5/5.