Hotel Minneapolis Autograph

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Apr 16, 2017

Contributed by clebert


Lounge is in good shape (decor is fun and stylish) and not busy.


Evening food was mini-burgers (sliders) with fixins, onion rings, and a salad.  Not the healthiest, but sliders were quite good.  Plenty of food so no need to eat a separate evening meal.


Desserts were choc chip cookies or 3-layer choc cake with choc frosting - cake was very good.


Honor bar


Hours for breakfast 6:30-9:30 and for dinner 5-9:30 - seemed to be open for coffee, tea, juices, and soda all day.  Ample supply of bottled waters.  Not sure if they had official afternoon hours.  I went in for soda/coffee during non-open hours and was able to get in and help myself.  Fruit and yogurts available during the day as well.


Closed Fri. evening until Sun. evening.


Breakfast buffet in CL is typical Marriott fare.  Voucher for Max restaurant in lobby if CL closed - buffet or order off the menu, although you have to ask for a menu or they will tell you you're going to the buffet.  Restaurant is stylish, and food is good.


Upgrade - I was on CL level in a quiet area away from other rooms, so I guess that's kind of an upgrade.  Room had mini fridge, coffeemaker, and 2 bottles of complementary bottled water.  Local paper delivered to my door in the morning.


Comments:  morning attendant was too chatty, and I had a hard time watching the news, checking my email, reading paper, etc.  Would prefer not so much interaction even though he was super nice and meant well.


Rating:  very good.