Lounge Review: Marriott Marquis NYC

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Where are you, Bob? ....................................Marriott Marquis NYC


And what's the lounge like? I'm afraid I don't know, Though I stayed for 3 nights, 2 nights were weekend so the lounge was closed. On top of that they're refurbishing the lounge during July and August so this review is my experience on the only night that replacement facility was open, Sunday night and Monday breakfast. Evening was on the 16th floor, breakfast on the 8th.


Hows the evening food? Hot was 3 choices including a veggie option, quickly replenished when they ran out. Cold selection was similarly well stocked though there was no dessert service but a late night offering of plentiful sugar cookies and milk was welcomed by my teens.


Any free alcohol? Not a drop, there was a real bar with a fairly wide range of drinks at full bar prices.


Whats the hours? Breakfast and evening, Breakfast 6:30-9:30. Evening food 5:30-9:30, milk and cookies thereafter. Open for soft drinks and coffee machine till midnight


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? I'm afraid they're being "double meanies" closing the lounge entirely during the weekend, crying "let them eat points" and offering a measly 1000 points per night replacement.


How about Gold/Plat breakfast? Here the offering is fairly wide with scrambled eggs, sausages, bread, bagels, pastries, muffins, cereals, and some fruit. Not great but fine for a morning fill-up.


Upgrades? No! Supposedly upgraded to a non-view Concierge floor room on the 30th floor that was no longer the concierge floor and in fact for evening service required an elevator switch, it was pretty much the biggest non-upgrade possible. Thanks guys!


Comments...   There's much to say for this hotel generally but as this is a review of lounges the outcome must reflect the lounge facilities and policies. Basic policy is strictly "elite plus one" enforced via a green card given to the elite member on checkin and policed by showing the card on entry, any more than the one extra is refused, Except during the renovations, luckily for me, my wife and 4 teens. Even so... No free alcohol, closed on weekends, no free breakfast on weekends, elite plus one only, no desserts. On the other hand, when it's open food is plentiful, the honesty bar well stocked, desserts are varied too and the "milk and cookies" evening idea was appreciated by the teens, so all this is enough to lift it from the bottom rung.


SO... I'm sat in the Exec lounge at the NYC Marriott Marquis and its... Wait for it...


Well since I visited the refurbed lounge has opened and according to goose1, breakfast options have reduced and evening options are repetitive. The elite plus one is now strictly enforced again, though that's no surprise, when I was there they were serving breakfast in the bar, elites plus whatever and there were easily over 200 people there.  I cant imagine the refurbed lounge could cope with those numbers. I took the view it was the worst I had visited but it just scraped an OK, mainly due to the pretty wide breakfast offering. The latest input from goose1 causes me to change that view.


SO now, with the updating info from goose1, I rate it Poor.