Lounge Review: Renaissance London St Pancras

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Where are you, Bob? ..................................Renaissance London St Pancras


And what's the lounge like? (ONLY OPEN TO PLATS, NOT GOLD) Totally awesome, looks like a classic English Gentlemans club


Hows the evening food? The best, with hot options and a wide assortment of cheeses and cold Hors D'oeuvres followed by excellent desserts. Best lounge I've ever sampled


Any free alcohol? Yes. 2 craft beers and a couple of wines, served to you by hard working staff, but you can help yourself! The free beer/wine is served midday to midnight. Don't mind if I do, hic!


Whats the hours? Breakfast, afternoon tea and evening, this place is a constant smorgasborg of food and manned constantly from 6am to midnight.


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? Nope, wonderful people, breakfast afternoon tea and evening offerings 7 days/week here!


How about Plat breakfast? You can take it either in the lounge or full breakfast in the restaurant.


Upgrades? Yes, standard Barlow upgraded to premium King Barlow. There are 36 rooms in the Chambers Wing  which if purchased give lounge access, but only Plat Premiers stand a chance of being upgraded to them. Even so, the Barlow rooms here are a good size. That's a good thing here as the base rooms in London are pretty small.


Additional. GOLD benefits are drink vouchers for the bar and free full breakfast. Also Plats staying here using the Eurostar trains to the continent qualify for the free concierge transfer to the Eurostar train, advise the concierge in the exec lounge on arrival at hotel (for next day departures) and then simply turn up to the exec lounge 30 mins before departure where your luggage will be collected from your room and the concierge will accompany you taking your luggage through the fast checkin and passport and to your carriage. What a start!



SO... I'm sat in the Exec lounge at Renaissance London St Pancras and its Fabulous! (6/5!!!)