Lounge Review: County Hall Marriott London

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Here's information on County Hall Marriott London:


Lounge: Morning, first floor, 6-9 AM, Nice set up, and would rate a 5!SANY0387.JPG

Kate, is a most professional staff member, who is so helpful at breakfast!


Evening food:  Excellent!  The 4th floor CL is small, but the food and service are excellent.  Good food, comped beer, red & white available!


Comfortable place!  Have enjoyed times with sg1974, met zukracer there, and enjoyed an evening with others there.  Very nice, but you will want to get there when it opens for food/drinks, or you may not get a seat.


Week-ends:  Open


Gold/Platinum/Upgrades:  Comped breakfast!


Enjoy this fine hotel!