Lounge Review: Marriott Philadelphia Downtown

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Where are you, Bob? ....................................Marriott Philadelphia Downtown


And what's the lounge like? A good size with plenty of tables, top of the hotel. Not busy but I get the feeling it could struggle when there's a big conference.


Hows the evening food? Plenty, with lots of choice.


Any free alcohol? No, BOOOO!!! Does offer a (pretty expensive) honour bar, though...


Whats the hours? Breakfast and evening, Evening service 5:30-9:30. Open till midnight.


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? I'm afraid they're being horrid "double meanies" as not only is the lounge closed at weekends but this is one of only a dozen Marriotts worldwide that's been given exemption from the 7-day breakfast rule, instead shouting "let them eat points" and awarding 1,000 bonus points in lieu of Saturday and Sunday breakfasts. It's not as bad as it could be mind, try the awesome Reading Terminal Market next door instead.


How about Gold/Plat breakfast? Monday-Friday Exec lounge breakfast is very good and really wide ranging. This place may close at weekends, but when it's open, the food is good.



Upgrades? Apparently, standard double-double upgraded to concierge floor double-double, 2 floors below concierge level! Still it's a high floor and the rooms are a good size.


Comments... I'm afraid the "weekend closure, no free booze, no weekend breakfast" rules really means this should be marked down as "poor" (how can a closed lounge that refuses the 7-day breakfast rule expect anything else?) but recovers some ground due to its strong breakfast and evening food. If it's open when you're there, then it's GREAT (free alcohol would make it fabulous), but taking into account the aforementioned...


SO, I'm sat in the Exec lounge at Marriott Philadelphia Downtown and its OK.