Jive Mobile App, and some things I figured out

Discussion created by jsucool76 on Apr 15, 2017
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Hey There,


Just a heads up to everyone that I've discovered the Jive Mobile App today which you can point at Marriott Rewards Insiders, and then sub out those pesky emails for push notifications, as well as negate the need to sign in every time you want to use insiders.




Jive - Android Apps on Google Play

Jive Mobile on the App Store



When you download and open the app, simply point it at insiders.marriottrewards.com - You will be prompted to login with your marriott rewards credentials (as per usual), however, so far it seems like you only need to do that once.


Judging by what I've seen in preferences, there also seems to be a desktop application, but I haven't been able to find a download for it. Maybe communitymanagers can provide a link to download it, if one exists. Less logging in makes the world go round.



So far it seems to be pretty good. Plus logging in is the worst part of MRI in my opinion. (still sometimes pushes you to the marriott home page)



I also just found out you can create your own content streams, to filter in/out exactly what you'd like to see. Not sure if this existed on the old platform but kinda cool.


MRI 1.png



The "All Activity" tab also allows you to sort by most recent which I guess is what most of us were looking for. While that tab is NOT available (as far as I've seen) on the mobile website, it IS available in the mobile app.


Clicking the small pin (green arrow pointing towards it) will allow you to make the "all activity" filtered by "most recent activity" your default view when you login. You can choose any view as your default view (even your customized streams).