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Scottsdale arizona pointers needed

Question asked by ks83 on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by ks83

I am planning a trip to scottsdale arizona in december during christmas time. Is it a right time to visit?? I am thinking from dec 19 - 25.


Since I have never been there before can some one please tell me the things to do??

I am thinking of staying at the W as I have never stayed at any W before and hope to see what my platinum status will get me.

I am a leisure traveller and I got the platinum status only because of ritz carlton credit card and a status challenge last year. This year may be I will stay about 20 nights so no hopes of renewing my platinum status - though I will get gold because of my credit card spend.

The camelback inn rate is about 500$ more for the 6 nights I have planned(the AAA rate) and I would not get any BF as its a resort.