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Confused by Rollover Nights Policy - Any Benefit if You Earn 75 Nights the Next Year?

Question asked by ella31 on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by phctourist

I made Platinum for the first time in 2016. And not only did I make Platinum, but I had a total of 149 nights (and all of it with no business travel - I had a lot of medical travel, plus used my MR credit card for almost all my spending). This meant I began 2017 with 74 rollover nights.


I knew, of course, that nights cannot rollover twice. But what I assumed would happen was the following: the 74 rollover nights would go toward my Platinum status for 2017. Once I earned one additional night, for a total of 75, I would have made Platinum again. The remainder of the nights I earned in 2017 would then be rolled over into 2018.


To my surprise I was told that this was not the case. I was told instead that at the end of 2017, Marriott would take my total nights for 2017 (rollover plus newly earned), subtract the 75 needed to achieve Platinum status, then subtract the 74 nights rolled over from 2016. The remainder would then be rolled over into 2018.


For example, say I earn 100 (new) nights in 2017, which is about what I'm on track to earn. With what I understand the policy to be, this means I will end up with a total of 174 nights (100 new + 74 rollover). Marriott will subtract 149 nights (74 rollover plus the 75 needed to make Platinum again). This will leave me with 25 nights to rollover into 2018. 


In other words, I will roll over the exact number of nights I would have rolled over into 2018 if I had started 2017 with zero rollover nights!  I was confused by this because I don't see how the 74 rollover nights I earned last year even benefitted me. Since it cost me a LOT of money to earn 149 nights in a year, and I gave ALL my hotel and credit card business to Marriott in 2016, it seems odd to get no benefit at all from these rollover nights.


I'd appreciate it if someone could let me know if I'm missing something here - is there is a way these nights benefit me that I'm unaware of? If not, it seems to be an odd policy. Also, has anyone else been in the same situation?


Thanks in advance for any comments or insight you can provide!