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NYC for the Fourth of July - Suggestions?

Question asked by bejacob on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by bejacob

Okay Insiders. Time to share your tips on NYC.


Looks like I'm heading back to the Big Apple for the long Fourth of July weekend.


Unlike the last visit (NYC - Five Boroughs in a Weekend) I don't have any county seats I plan to visit. I guess that makes this a vacation, albeit a short one . The plan is to stay at the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel. The comments from both kharada46 and seatexan were enough to convince me to make this conveniently located hotel my base of operations. I know everyone has a favorite NYC hotel. This one fits all the criteria for this trip, so that part of the planning is complete.


Over the course the the approximately four days in they city, we'll likely catch a Broadway show (or two). I'm also thinking of springing for a three-day New York Pass. Based on the attractions included, it looks like there's enough of interest that we could save money over the individual admission prices. The Empire State, Top of the Rock, and Hop on - hop off bus tour alone almost cover the cost. I still have to do my due diligence (being an accountant, this counts as a recreational activity ) on the various pass options (New York Pass vs. CityPass), prices, and attractions before I buy.


So Insiders, here's your chance to speak up.


Which sights should we plan on seeing?


About the only thing we probably won't do this trip is the Statue of Liberty, since we visited it last year. Almost everything else is up for grabs. While I've got some initial ideas, help is always appreciated. Oh, and don't forget, we'll be in town on July 4th, so if you have any suggestions about the fireworks or any other holiday events, I'd love to hear them.


Thanks in advance.