Platinum Premier is Officially a Joke

Discussion created by jim4sc on Apr 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2017 by dmcannon

Wow, I can't believe Marriott has stopped the deal with United Airlines for Platinum Premier members to receive United Gold status. This was the only benefit. I stayed with Marriott several times last year out of my way to try to get Premier status for this very reason. United Gold is worth a lot. If this deal is over, as a Platinum Lifetime member, I have no reason to spend more nights at Marriott since I'm already loved in and there is no real benefit. As a result of this silly business decision by Marriott I will start booking my meetings at other hotels to start building status with them. What's the point of Platinum Premier Marriott?  It is a joke. It demotivated me to spend more and I will start moving my business elsewhere.