Waiting for purchases to post/"qualifying" spend

Discussion created by chalmers3716 on Apr 7, 2017
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I signed up for the Chase Marriott Visa under the 80K promotion.  When I used my card initially, the purchase posted to my Chase account on 3/17, and the points showed up on my Marriott account a week later, on the 24th (which was before I had paid the bill).


I have used the card for additional purchases, on 3/24 and 4/1, but these points haven't posted yet (I haven't paid these yet, but again, I hadn't paid the previous one before it posted, either).


So, I was wondering:

A) Do points only post monthly, and it was just a coincidence that my first purchase was right before they posted

B) Are there certain charges that are not considered "qualifying," and if so how do I know what they are

C) Do I need to follow up to get these to post--and if so, do I follow up with Chase, or Marriott?


On a similar note, once I reach the $3,000 spend limit to earn the 80K point bonus, how long should I have to wait for that to post?