Horrible Experiences (x2) (Georgia Marriott)

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My Marriott experience in Georgia will be the last I will have. I am a government employee, I work on disasters year round and stay in hotels constantly. I am 25 years old and was a committed lifelong customer.

Hotel 1: Savannah, GA - Fairfield Inn 2-6 to 2-12

I arrived on Feb. 6th to Savannah, GA. The Fairfield Inn was new and updated. I was more than ecstatic with this visit. The hotel staff were courteous and friendly. The room was clean and ready for a new guest as expected. No issues whatsoever.

Hotel 2: Warner Robins, GA - Courtyard 2-12 to 2-17

I arrived to the Warner Robins Courtyard on 2-12. Due to circumstances outside of my control, I had to move from this hotel. This hotel was amazing. Beautiful modern landscape, and even more important - it was adequately cleaned and maintained.

Hotel 3: Cordele, GA - Fairfield Inn 2-17 to 3-2

I arrived to the Fairfield Inn on 2-17. Upon arrival (I arrived at 2:45PM) I was told I could not check in until 3:00PM, so I politely sat for 20 minutes until I was authorized to check-in. I sat in the lobby, no issue - but I could have been told they were cleaning the room still - or something a little more customer friendly so to say. I was staying on the first floor. The room was disgusting. The carpet under the air conditioner was sopping wet with moisture. The walls were beat up, and stained. The restroom was not cleaned either. Within the same week, one of my coworkers staying across the hall had cockroaches in her room. Not 1, not 2. Several. And they were persistently showing up to the point where we started to notice them in the hallways. Disgusting. The managers solution was to move her to another room, "clean it" and then have another customer stay in that same room not more than a day or two later.

I enjoy swimming. Being on the road so often, I find it a great outlet for exercise to stay in shape. The pool is absolutely grimy, green, smells poorly, and is full of hair. While swimming I had a GIANT hairball get stuck to my feet. This is not just your ordinary hairball. This was definitely something that has grown over a lengthy amount of time.

After my morning dip in the contained recreational public sewage treatment plant, I went to the complimentary breakfast as is offered at every Fairfield Inn & Suites. The breakfast included half frozen noticeably mass produced eggs, cold sausage and half empty condiments to put on your toast (when made available). They even had a station that you can make your own waffles, the staff do not leave the waffle mix out though. They keep it in the back, and you need to request the mix from them even though there is an empty dispenser out front. Not to mention you are noticeably bothering the hotel staff when you request any sort of product that is not stocked out front.  

As a frequent traveler, including several months at Marriott properties, I am less than impressed at the Fairfield Inn in Cordele. Actually to say I am less than impressed may be a little kinder than what I experienced in the two weeks there. The property itself appears to be somewhat clean but upon further inspection it is not.  The following laundry list of items plaguing this hotel is definitely worth a drive by.  There are a several other hotel options that are close enough to choose them instead.

  • Room Cleanliness - I left $10 tip to have my room cleaned last night only to find a room that really only had the bed made and some new towels provided.  My floor was not vacuumed my bathroom was not cleaned and my ice bucket still remained full in the same place I left it.
  • Rude Staff – the breakfast staff may in fact be some of the rudest staff I have encountered in the hospitality business.  They definitely don’t have an easy job but a smile or friendly greeting might go a long way. I did however have a nice interaction with the manager on duty when I found a gigantic roach in my room. He was happy to accommodate my move to a higher floor.
  • Pool cleanliness – at first glance I fell in love with the pool. It is warm and quiet with an outside patio. After swimming next to a child-sized hairball I changed my tune.  The pool like the rest of the hotel is in desperate need of some tender love and care.


Hotel 4: Albany, GA - Courtyard 3-2 to 4-6

I arrived at the Albany, GA Courtyard on 3-2-17, bright eyed and bushy tailed – excited to stay in a hotel where I don’t need a tier III decontamination to clean myself after dipping a toe in the pool. The hotel was noticeably under new management, but the hotel staff seemed to be courteous and friendly. Christian and Brandy did outstanding throughout our stay, we are grateful for their hospitality.

We are working in Georgia to assist the local communities in their disaster recovery. Many of the citizens we work with have lost everything, or are going through some sort of trauma from the major tornadoes they experienced here in January of 2017. The group of us (~10 disaster recovery employees) were told by the manager that “they never should have taken in as many FEMA folks as they did”. It was at this moment we realized we were inconveniencing them through our stays. Most of us do not use the maid service, we clean our own rooms – take out our own garbage and change our own sheets. We want to make our stay as easy as possible for every hotel we choose.

The manager strictly told all 10 of us that he could no longer house us at the $91.00 government rate. He needed to charge ~$120.00 on select days and could not accommodate any of us. In the midst of an additional outbreak of tornadoes (on April 5th 2017) we were told we had to move out the next day without extension.

All of us do not live here. We are here to assist survivors. The tiniest bit of courtesy, a smile or even a report of sorts to show us he really had his hands tied would have helped. The manager made no effort whatsoever to make sure we were all happy after leaving.

In all, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am a young professional looking for a hotel chain to stay with lifelong. I will not be staying at any Marriott hotels any longer. I have made the switch. Please take the time to look into these incidences. I had a series of bad experiences, and I am sure many others are as well. Especially in today’s age, business is competitive. It is large failed operations like these two hotels that cause customers to leave a chain.

Thank you for listening.