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Chase Marriott 5X points for Starwood Stays

Question asked by mdsmds on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by seatexan

I had a Marriott Rewards Visa from Chase Canada.  I had a stay back in February at a Starwood property (a Le Meridien) which I charged to the Chase card.  I was supposed to receive 5 points per dollar spent, but they only partially credited the stay.  I called chase after my February statement posted and Chase "fixed" it in February and said the missing points would post in March in the monthly batch. They did not. I called Chase and they said they "definitely sent them to Marriott" and should be there. They were not. Chase then insisted they sent them and it is "now a Marriott issue." As a result, I cancelled my card with Chase to avoid paying an annual fee for a card which clearly doesn't post points properly. I then called Marriott who contacted Chase and the result was, "You need to speak with Chase." I spoke with Chase today, and they tell me, "You need to speak with Marriott."  So I'm at a loss for how to resolve this. 


It is not a lot of points, but it is the principle of it. Any tips on how to get the right person at Chase speaking with the right person at Marriott to get this resolved?


Has anyone actually gotten the proper 5X Chase Canada points for Starwood Stays at Le Meridien properties?