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Misc hotel charges showing up on cc statement after final bill paid in full

Question asked by tjj123 on Apr 3, 2017
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I'm curious - has anyone else had a hotel process their credit card that was used to reserve and pay for their stay - well after they had completed the check out process / received final invoice and had ample time to ensure room was left in satisfactory condition - for amounts that exceeded the final invoice amount.    I stayed at a hotel and checked out and received a copy of my final invoice.  My credit card was processed a day after I checked out for an amount that exceeded the checkout receipt.  I contacted the hotel and confirmed my final invoice receipt was correct.  I asked why my credit card was processed for add'l amount - staff was courteous but could not provide an explanation....nor could management.  My credit card was adjusted to reflect the appropriate final statement amount due.  It's been two weeks and I went online to check my credit card statement balance and payment processing status - in the pending charge section it showed a line item pending charge from the hotel.  I contacted the hotel and confirmed the final invoice amount - which matched the previous "processed and paid" line item charge on my credit card statement.  No explanation could be provided for this charge as well.  I also was informed by my credit card company that there was another "pending" amount that showed on their end but was not reflected on my online statement yet.