Challenge / Level upgrade question

Discussion created by awagentx on Apr 3, 2017

Hello, so, what's going on for me is simple, our office is always making changes, the latest is going from primarily Hyatt to mostly Marriott... so far in the last 30 days i've stayed 10 nights in 6 stays, and have one more in Atlanta starting tomorrow for 4 more nights, What I was wondering is if I could get this previous travel included in a status match and if so would there be enough to get me the whole way to platinum? Right now my Hyatt membership is Globalist (their highest level in the new system) with 10 nights with them also this year, I think i have another 5 or so nights at HHonors properties and 3 elsewhere... but would love to get all my stays into one chain... Marriott could work, only one or two locations will i have issues getting the boss to do the price difference tho...